PHSHMXDB Gas Outdoor Patio Heater (On Request)


*The service in outlying islands and Discovery Bay requires longer time to arrange and extra fee will be charged HKD $400; no on-site service for restricted area and remote district.


Product Name : PHSHMXDB Gas Outdoor Patio Heater


Country of Origin: China

Gas Type: LPG
Heat output: max: 12 KW (450-870g/h)
Product Size: Dia.790mm x2240mm (H)
G.W.: 19.0kgs N.W.: 17.0kgs
Color: Silver
Coverage: 20㎡

CE Certified ,anti-tilt switch and flame auto shut-off device is included.

Take full advantage of that well-loved outdoor living space–from one season to the next–with help from this commercial patio heater.

The exceptionally powerful gas patio heater delivers soothing warmth that makes it easy to keep guests comfortable, the commercial patio heater offers the ultimate solution for anyone serious about year-round outdoor entertaining

The heating power quickly warms up the environment. Since there it consumes LPG, it can be used even if the environment does not provide electricity.

*Separate quotation is needed for other additional work not mentioned above. (Negotiable)
*All specifications subject to change with prior notice.


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Technical Specifications

Model PH-S / PH-B
Gas Tupe: LPG
Heat output: max:12KW(450-870g/h)
Product Size: Dia.790mm x 2240mm (H)
Weight G.W.: 19.0kgs N.W.:17.0kgs
Coverage: 20m
Color: Sliver black
Material: Stainless Steel
Height: 87″ (7.25′)
Material: Stainless Steel
Other : Auti-tilt switch and flame auto shut-off device is included.