Rasonic RWH-N10F LPG 10 Liter Water Heater (Back Flue)(Black)


*The service in outlying islands and Discovery Bay requires longer time to arrange and extra fee will be charged HKD $400; no on-site service for restricted area and remote district.


Product Name : Rasonic RWH-N10F LPG 10 Liter Water Heater (Back Flue)(Black)


Country of Origin: China
Gas Type: LPG
Rated Power 25 W
Rated Voltage 220 V~
Input Power 22 kW (MAX.)
Frequency 50 Hz
Temperature level 35℃ to 60℃
Net Weight : 14kg
Product dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 360 x 145 x 565
Min. Operating Water Pressure 20 kPa
Back Flue
Ignition Continuous Pulse Ignition
Rated Max. heat output: 22 kW
Water output per minute: 10 liters / minute

Combining high-end technology and precise temperature control provide joy of shower experience
Memory alloy water flow sensor adjusts water flow automatically, ensuring sufficient temperature rise
Dual gas valve design, automatic adjustment of gas output ratio, making stable combustion and preventing gas leakage
Shutdown protection for 60 minutes continuous combustion
DC inverter fan withstands strong wind, preventing carbon monoxide from exceeding safety standard and waste gas return
Intelligent staged fire blast, staged combustion according to water temperature, environmental protection and energy saving
Dual temperature sensing, real-time monitoring, comparing temperature rise of incoming and outgoing water
LED display and Touch control
3 years warranty including parts

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排氣式Flue Type

Back Flue

安裝服務 Installation Services

Water Heaters(LPG/TG) installation fee is $1000 (Island District), Water Heaters(LPG/TG) installation fee is $900, No need to install

偏遠地區附加費Extended Area Surcharge

Islands District& Discovery Bay Extended Area Surcharge$400, No need to surcharge