Marca Non-Stick 24cm Casserole, With Lid (Green)


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Product Name :Marca Non-Stick 24cm Casserole, With Lid (Green)


Country of Origin: Pot Body Made In Italy

Features And Benefits:

Fat-Free Cooking
Save Nutritive Values
Easy cleaning
Teflon: Tested nonstick coatings
Energy efficient lids made from safety glass
Even heat distribution
3-layer design
Topcoat: provides excellent release
Mid-coat: provides extra durability
Patented Primer: for excellent adhesion

The Portfolio Teflon™ Nonstick Coatings
The Teflon™ brand guarantees quality, durability, and performance. The portfolio of Teflon™ nonstick coatings includes a broad range of performance levels designed for your unique cooking needs. These include:

Classic: An occasional-use option providing quick cleanup and nonstick qualities.
Xtra: Long lasting, easy cleaning, and convenient for regular use.
Select: A durable option for busy cooks who depend on daily solid performance.
Profile: A premium nonstick coating using revolutionary textured technology to help cookware look good and perform longer.
Platinum: This long-lasting option is metal-utensil safe, and features an easy-to-clean surface.
Platinum Plus and Profile: These best-performing nonstick coatings are metal-utensil safe and provide maximum life.

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