CGS CK8268 Stainless Steel TownGas Double Burners Stove


*The service in outlying islands and Discovery Bay requires longer time to arrange and extra fee will be charged HKD $400; no on-site service for restricted area and remote district.


Product Name : CGS CK8268 Stainless Steel LPG Double Burners Stove


Country of Origin: China
Overall Dimensions(mm): W690 x D387 x H130
Weight (kg): Net weight 8.06
Gas Type: Town Gas
Rated Heat Input: 5.2kW x2
Gas pressure: 1.5kPa
Rated Heat Input: Piezo electric ignition

Ignition knob is a ”push and turn” design, so children cannot easily turn the knob.
Jet type gas pipe will not be blocked easily by dirt or small objects.
Control knob has many stages for fine adjustment, suitable for all kinds of cooking.
Specially designed burner with high energy efficiency can lower gas consumption.
GU Label Certified
3 years warranty including parts

*Separate quotation is needed for other additional work not mentioned above. (Negotiable)
*All specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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安裝服務 Installation Services

Table Top Cooker(TG) installation fee is $350, No need to install

偏遠地區附加費Extended Area Surcharge

Islands District& Discovery Bay Extended Area Surcharge$400, No need to surcharge